Amelia Wat



Going into her third year of commerce, Amelia is specializing in Finance, and pursuing a minor in Innovation. She is also actively exploring her interest in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Through her previous work experience in sales, sponsorship and marketing, she is thrilled to take on a leadership role as one of the Co-Chairs for the 41st McMaster World Congress. Amelia is determined to expand the conference beyond the GTA area and provide a platform that connects students with professionals in the A.I industry. After retiring from competitive dancing as a professional Latin dancer, Amelia enjoys travelling and learning new languages. She is excited and honoured to be working with a great team.

Aaron Sprague



Aaron is a 3rd year commerce student at the DeGroote School of business specializing in Marketing. He is actively involved around campus and has held multiple executive roles on many McMaster Clubs such as the MacMakers and the McMaster A.I society. He is excited to expand the World Congress to its full potential and connect professionals in the A.I. industry to the 3000 students that annually attend this event. Aaron also plays Jr. AAA Baseball and won a National Championship as a member of team Ontario. He enjoys traveling and is an avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Aaron looks forward to working with his team and is committed to the success of the 41st McMaster World Congress.

Hafsa Iqbal



Hafsa Iqbal is a third-year commerce student at the DeGroote School of Business. As Director of Marketing for the 41st annual McMaster World Congress, Hafsa is excited to participate more directly in this year’s conference as she has previously volunteered in the past. On her spare time Hafsa enjoys volunteering and attending networking events. Hafsa looks forward to contributing to the growth of this conference and is thrilled to be given the opportunity to be apart of this year’s team!

Maria Tasneem



Maria is a third year student at the DeGroote School of Business and is planning on specializing in Finance. Her past involvement in the McMaster World Congress as a guest and volunteer has inspired her to be a part of this year’s team to encourage students to strive for success. She is also an active member of the DeGroote Women in Business club at mac and love participating in volunteer work on campus and in the community. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, photography, cooking and traveling. She is very excited to be the new speakers director for MWC and cannot wait to network with students and industry professionals this year.

Elham Mahmood



Elham Mahmood is a second-year commerce student at the DeGroote School of Business hoping to specialize in accounting. After attending the 40th McMaster World Congress, she is eager to contribute to this year’s conference in an impactful way as one of the sponsorship directors. Elham enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, as well as baking! She is thrilled to be a part of this year’s team and cannot wait to help coordinate a great experience for everyone!

Ariya Ibrahim



Ariya is in her third year at the DeGroote School of Business and is excited to join the McMaster World Congress team as a Sponsorship Director. She is eager to take on the challenge of maintaining and strengthening relationships with previous sponsors, as well as fostering new partnerships. Ariya enjoys getting involved in the McMaster community by volunteering, joining clubs, and attending events. She plans on using her past experience to create lasting business relationships with sponsors. With ambitions of one day leading her own company, Ariya is looking forward to help lead MWC into its 41st successful year.

Thomas Kromka



Thomas Kromka is a second-year commerce student at DeGroote School of Business. He is excited to put his skills to the test as the Logistics Director for the 41st McMaster World Congress. When not at work or school, he is out on the soccer pitch or enjoying the outdoors while camping. Thomas loves high-pressure atmopheres and is looking forward to the conference in December.

Jennifer Mercieca



Jennifer Mercieca is a fourth-year commerce student at DeGroote School of Business, specializing in finance. When not sleeping or studying, Jennifer enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music and reading. As an individual passionate towards the business world, Jennifer is excited to participate in organizing a successful 41st McMaster World Congress Conference with the rest of the team.

Shanzy Kareem



Shanzy is a third year student at DeGroote School of Business specializing in Human Resources, and minoring in Economics. After attending the past years McMaster World Congress she has developed a keen interest in being part of this years team, as a Speaker Director. Hoping to promote an interactive conference, while strengthening past relations amongst keynote speakers. Shanzy enjoys getting involved within the community by volunteering and being an active member of UNICEF. She is excited to organize a successful conference, exploiting natural synergy amidst the team.

Alexander Bozzo



Alexander is a commerce student at the DeGroote School of Business student intending to focus his studies in Finance. He will occupy the role as External Consultant for the 41st McMaster World Congress. Alexander is heavily involved in the university community as Co-Founder and VP of the McMaster Artificial Intelligence Society as well as an athlete with the McMaster Varsity Water Polo Team. As a leader in academic and athletic student organizations, he offers a wealth of experience managing and leading teams. Alexander is looking forward to help expand the conference beyond the faculty of business and to provide resources to educate McMaster World Congress attendees on Artificial Intelligence.