40th McMaster World Congress Speakers



Alan A. Wunsche 

CEO & Chief Token Officer, TokenFunder

Alan Wunsche is the CEO & Chief Token Officer of TokenFunder, as well as the Chair & Co-Founder of Blockchain Canada and Canadian Chair of ISO TC307 (Blockchain Standards) Committee. Alan is a finance and blockchain technology expert focused on the disruptive impacts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies on capital markets and global wealth distribution.

He recently led TokenFunder’s launch of Canada’s first regulatory-compliant security token offering on the Ethereum public blockchain. Alan is a Chartered Professional Accountant with hands-on technology experience leading finance and risk transformation programs as an executive at a global bank (Scotiabank), management consulting (Deloitte, PwC), incubators and startups.


Twitterlinkedin_logo_initialsAryan Nava

Founder & COO, Blockchain Mind Inc.

Aryan Nava is the founder of Blockchain Mind Inc. He has 18+ years of experience working for corporations like TSX, TSX Venture, TSX Trust, Canadian Depository for Securities, Extendicare, Direct Energy and E-Health Ontario. He was involved in developing a decentralized crypto exchange (LinkCoin) and has assisted ICOs with raising over $10M. He is currently working as a CTO for EzExchange.

Blockchain Mind has successfully developed a hardware wallet prototype, ICO fundraising platforms, the AML/KYC automated process for crypto-exchanges and provides network/security/auditing services to host smart contracts, code audits and monitoring to ensure that ICO services run smoothly. 



Elena Sinelnikova

Founder & CEO, CryptoChicks

Elena Sinelnikova founded CryptoChicks in July 2017 with the vision to empower and inspire women interested in learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She managed to involve hundreds of women who became blockchain evangelists, blockchain developers, blockchain entrepreneurs themselves. Elena developed CryptoChicks into an international hub for women talent in blockchain technology with programs in Canada, US, Russia, Pakistan and Bahamas and major hackathon events that are supported by Royal Bank of Canada, Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM. Elena holds a Master of Computer Science and her specialties are in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, application architecture, software design, and development.


linkedin_logo_initialsKerem Kolcuoglu

Director, Enterprise Consulting – MLG Blockchain Consulting

Kerem is a DeGroote MBA and now a business leader who has harnessed the disruptive power of blockchain technology to uncover opportunities for multinational enterprises, governments, and educational institutions. He has bridged his experience in multiple industries to collectively foresee digital transformation within large-scale enterprises. He has provided thought leadership to global business executives through his blockchain subject matter expertise.


Twitterlinkedin_logo_initialsOthalia Doe-Bruce

Founder, The Innovative Financier

Othalia is the Founder of The Innovative Financier, an information hub that helps institutional investment managers embrace disruptive technologies. She is also the Global Ambassador and External Relationships Manager for the BlockchainHub, an NPO affiliated with York University that provides education, research, and commercialization of start-Ups.

Recently, she was featured in the Globe & Mail and by Coinsquare as one of the Women in Blockchain disrupting the gender imbalance status quo in the industry. Before her involvement with blockchain, she acquired 10 years of international experience working in the asset & wealth management fields. She has a certificate in Ethereum Blockchain Development, and an MBA in Investment Finance.


linkedin_logo_initialsHenry M. Kim

Co-Director, BlockchainLab

Henry M. Kim is an Associate Professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University, as well as the Co-Director of BlockchainLab. As one of the leading blockchain scholars in Canada, he is engaged in blockchain research projects with the UN (on cross-border), Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (on electricity micro-grid), the Canadian blockchain startup Nuco Networks (on AI-based consensus mechanism), Ontario Ministry of Agriculture (on food traceability), and National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US (on manufacturing supply chain).

Henry is on the faculty of Don Tapscott’s Blockchain Research Institute, is a co-organizer of U of T’s Fields Institute Seminar Series on Blockchain, and an advisor on the Government of Canada’s whitepaper on Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies. He is a scientific advisor on several Canadian blockchain startups that are in the Financial Services and Mining and Natural Resources industries.




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