2019 Team

The 2019 McMaster World Congress Team



Alex Sai Wanglinkedin_logo_initials

Alex is a second-year student at the DeGroote School of Business. He is the youngest co-chair in MWC history and is actively involved with several other organizations on campus such as the McMaster Energy Association. As a young leader with a track record of innovation, breaking boundaries and making a difference, he is eagerly looking forward to using his skills to help build the conference’s profile and ensure a successful year. Alex intends on specializing in investment banking/private equity or consulting.


Rosalyn Stelter-Bozeklinkedin_logo_initials

Rosalyn Stetler-Bozek is a fourth year student at the DeGroote School of Business, specializing in Marketing. Rosalyn was previously a part of our 37th annual McMaster World Congress as a Sponsorship Director. After spending a semester abroad and completing a 16-month internship, she is excited to be back and a part of this year’s team! Rosalyn enjoys travelling, spending time with friends/family and participating in volunteer work within her McMaster and greater Hamilton community. She is looking forward to having the opportunity to apply real-world business knowledge to this year’s team and looks forward to networking with amazing students and industry professionals at this year’s conference.


William Grafhamlinkedin_logo_initials

William Grafham is a third-year student at the DeGroote School of Business, specializing in Finance. His passion for educating others has led him to co-plan the 40th McMaster World Congress on the sought-after topic of Blockchain Technology! This fall William will be spending a semester abroad in Denmark, where he plans on developing his ability to practice business on a global scale. He is looking forward to the challenge of balancing his time abroad with the planning of this event, in hopes that he can help deliver a compelling and unique experience for all attendees.


Aaron Spraguelinkedin_logo_initials

Aaron is a second-year student at the DeGroote School of Business who actively stays involved on campus, holding titles such as the Director of Marketing, Sponsorship & Outreach for the newly established McMaster Makers Engineering club. On his spare time, Aaron enjoys travelling and plans on specializing in Operations Management in the future.



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