McMaster World Congress

The 38th McMaster World Congress will be held in the CIBC Hall, located on the third floor of the Student Centre (MUSC).

Welcome to the 38th McMaster World Congress, a prestigious conference devoted to bringing together academic students and industry professionals from around the world. Through informative presentations and inspirational speaker sessions, the McMaster World Congress will provide student delegates with knowledgeable information that would help them better understand how to adapt to real-world situations. The congress also provides ample opportunity for attendees to meet, socialize and network. This year’s conference will be held on February 2-3, 2017.

The McMaster World Congress, which is one of the largest student-run events at McMaster University, promises to deliver functional and valuable sessions in its 38th year to students from every faculty. Since 1978, thousands have attended the conference each year, and it has continued to grow and prosper into a more reputable, headlining event. Today, the McMaster World Congress is one of the longest running business conferences in Canada, and consistently delivers exciting topics on an annual basis.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to integrate the unique perspectives of leading voices in the professional and academic spheres on issues relevant in today’s business environment; providing a vehicle to enhance the development of students and all delegates.

Message From Dr. Nick Bontis

We are very pleased to once again bring you this world-class event. The student organizers have been working very hard since March to design a conference program unlike any you have attended before. The McMaster World Congress prides itself on integrating the perspectives of both academics and practitioners – and has been doing so for over 30 years. Our goal is to surpass our target of over 5000 seats filled making this the largest attended congress ever.

This innovative symposium will feature exciting presentations delivered by leading industry experts. We hope this year’s fantastic agenda will spark interest and lively discussion. As an institution dedicated to the creation and diffusion of knowledge, the DeGroote School of Business is pleased to offer an opportunity for conference participants to share their expertise with each other and to explore possibilities for creating new and innovative approaches to business challenges.

The dedicated team of student organizers are to be congratulated for developing a unique forum with an outstanding reputation. We would like to personally thank all the speakers and presenters, attendees and sponsors for their generous support and participation. It is your involvement that makes this event possible and we look forward to collaborating with you. We will see you on February 2-3, 2017.

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